Business Communication I

Our  Career Training in business communication I is an intensive training that teaches practical business communication techniques for planning, organizing, selecting, writing, and presenting information in business or industry.  The courses are not designed as ESL classes, but intend to develop the business writing and oral presentation skills by applying the professional English for workplace.  This training covers two major courses: 1. Workplace Writing Skills – Level 1 (18 hours); 2.Oral Presentation (22 hours).

Workplace Writing Skills – Level 1 (18 hours)

Course Description
This course is designed for students requiring a review of the principles and practices of Standard English. This course will help students to develop the writing skills necessary for the more complex writing tasks required in subsequent training courses. The fundamentals of Standard English are emphasized, including spelling, diction, grammar, logical sentence connections, and paragraph coherence. Course content is geared to students’ educational and professional goals and focuses on straightforward workplace writing tasks: summaries, descriptions, memos, letters, and short reports.

Prerequisite: None

Description of Modules

Chapter  1

Write routine letters such as requests for information and responses to request for information

Chapter  2

Write memoranda and email which instruct and/or report

Chapter  3

Write summaries of field-related readings

Chapter  4

Write descriptions of phenomena or mechanisms

Chapter  5

Explain data or processes

Chapter  6

Complete preparatory writing exercises

Oral Presentations (22 hours)

Course Description
This course is second part of Business Communication I that presents the foundational skills and knowledge that students need to prepare and deliver effective oral presentations. Students examine basic speech communications theory, practice vocal, verbal, and non-verbal speech delivery skills, and gain knowledge of expository and persuasive organizing patterns. They experiment with appropriate physical and electronic visual aids to complement their presentation, and become familiar with a variety of special occasion speech formats. A workshop approach is taken, and learning activities are oriented toward small groups. Students must be competent in articulating and enunciating spoken English.

Prerequisite: None

Description of Modules

Chapter  1

Manage speech anxiety

Chapter  2

Understand the theories of develop and deliver an effective oral presentation

Chapter  3

Analyze audience demographics, expectations, knowledge, and attitudes

Chapter  4

Organize and articulate specific feedback

Chapter  5

Organize and develop an effective speech composition

Chapter  6

Understand the methods of organizing speech content

Chapter  7

Apply the standard elements of effective speech delivery

Chapter  8

Use the presentation aids and speaking prompts to enhance speech delivery

Marking Scheme
This course has in-class exercises weights 25%, assignments weighs 25%, presentations 25%, and one final project weigh 25% toward the final grade.
Instructors have the discretion to make changes to the marking scheme deemed necessary. For details, please refer to individual class syllabus.

Grading scale


94 – 100%


75 –   79%


90 –   93%


70 –   74%


86 –   89%


60 –   69%


83 –   85%


   0 –   59%


80 –   82%




Total Training Hours: 40 hours
Training Frequency: 3 hours at one time; twice a week; schedule with trainers
Training Duration: 7 weeks
Delivery Method:   On-Campus or On-Sit (send trainers to participants’ workplace)
Tuition Fee: $5,000 in total ($125 per hour)
Instructors / Trainers: AMAAL AHMED FARID FADL / TBA
Class Capacity:

  • · On-campus Training: Maximum 15 students per class
  • · On-site Training: Maximum 10 students

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