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This training will expose students to a variety of issues facing managers who are involved in eBusiness initiatives. A major objective of this course will be to emphasize the use of sound strategic analysis techniques in assessing opportunities or operations within an online environment. Towards that end several business cases will be used to expose students to a variety of situations involving eBusiness issues in start-ups as well as established firms in various industries. Although the course is focused on companies which are involved in eBusiness initiatives, the issues explored are not necessarily focused on information technology. The fundamentals of case analysis (e.g. financial analysis, managerial accounting principles, and strategic analysis) will be emphasized in analyzing cases.

This training covers three major courses: 1. E-Commerce (30 hours); 2. Online Business Management (30 hours); 3. Case Studies in E-Business (20 hours).

1. E-Commerce (30 hours)

Course Description

This course enables students to understand three major driving forces behind e-commerce:  business development and strategy, technological innovations, and social controversies and impacts. Topics include marketing products on the Internet, systems integration, virtual organizations, electronic payment systems, privacy and security concerns, intellectual property, customs and excise issues, emerging issues in telecommunications, and Internet issues where government regulation has been contemplated.
Prerequisite: None

Description of Modules

Chapter  1 E-Commerce business models and concepts
Chapter  2 E-Commerce infrastructure: the internet, web, and mobile platform
Chapter  3 Building an e-commerce presence: websites, mobile sites, and apps
Chapter  4 E-commerce security and payment systems
Chapter  5 e-commerce marketing and advertising concepts
Chapter  6 Social, mobile, and local marketing
Chapter  7 Online retail and services
Chapter  8 Online content and media
Chapter  9 Social networks, auctions, and portal
Chapter 10 B2B e-commerce: supply chain management and collaborative commerce

2. Online Business Management (30 hours)

Course Description

This course is a research and project course where students will prepare a business proposal for a company that wishes to market products or services on the Internet. A complete strategy for online business will include market research, a cost-benefit analysis, coverage of technical and operational issues such as logistics and promotion, legal requirements, and human impact issues.
Prerequisite: E-Commerce or equivalent.

Description of Modules

Chapter  1 Introduction to e-business plan
Chapter  2 Brainstorming and goal analysis
Chapter  3 Audience analysis and priority analysis
Chapter  4 Project management overview
Chapter  5 Launching a successful on-line business
Chapter  6 Building e-commerce application and infrastructure
Chapter  7 Implementation plans, schedule, and milestones
Chapter  8 Content management, site maintenance, and site evolution
Chapter  9 Online marketing and advertising: website and host metrics
Chapter 10 Return on investment

3. Case Studies in E-Business (20 hours)

Course Description

This course encourages the student to examine current case examples of internet trade and e-business. The course combines research and projects and is based on team participation and case studies. Case Studies will include success stories, failures and new and evolving business.
Prerequisite: Online Business Management or equivalent.

Description of Modules
Case 1 Google – searching the world
Case 2 eBay – the world’s auction place
Case 3 Cars4u
Case 4 BlackBerry
Case 5 Airbnb
Case 6 TD Canada Trust

Marking Scheme

This course has in-class exercises weights 25%, assignments weighs 50%, and one final project weigh 25% toward the final grade.
Instructors have the discretion to make changes to the marking scheme deemed necessary. For details, please refer to individual class syllabus.
Grading scale:

A 94 – 100% C+ 75 –   79%
A- 90 –   93% C 70 –   74%
B+ 86 –   89% D 60 –   69%
B 83 –   85% F    0 –   59%
B- 80 –   82%    

Total Training Hours: 80 hours
Training Frequency: 3 hours at one time; twice a week; schedule with trainers
Training Duration: 14 weeks
Delivery Method:   On-Campus or On-Sit (send trainers to participants’ workplace)
Tuition Fee: $8,300
Instructors / Trainers:  Jeff Chiang / TBA
Class Capacity:
· On-campus Training: Maximum 15 students per class
· On-site Training: Maximum 10 students

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